About Us

Biocom Travel is a wholly owned division of Aer Travel, Inc. We are proud to be the official travel management company of Biocom. Founded in San Diego in 1983, we are an independent management company committed to streamlining and simplifying the business of travel for our clients.

We are an affiliate of La Jolla-based Cadence Travel Management giving you a vast array of services and the benefits of a local, experienced team of travel specialists.

Biocom members will receive a managed travel program, complete with their own online booking tool and 24/7 online access to all travel reports and management data. Our goal is to give your company efficient tools to manage your travel needs and to take advantage of the growing number of travel vendors’ preferred Biocom rates.

Booking your own travel is often a huge time-consuming task, but not with Aer Travel services. All travelers within your company will receive their own travel portal. This includes:

– Ability to customize your traveler profile

– Research and make reservations for air, hotel, car, airport parking and dining from one convenient site

– Discount carriers including Southwest, jetBlue and others included on your site

– Bookings synched to your own secured travel page, easily downloaded and stored

– Travel itineraries accessible with flight alerts and other information automatically pushed to your smart phone

– Accounting has access to travel transactions, reporting and management summarie