Spiritual Marriage Agreement

We should let our whole lives reflect on Christ and see every opportunity (and challenge) as an opportunity to glorify Him and get to know Him better. The Apostle Paul expresses well the purpose of our spiritual life: “That I may know him and that the power of his resurrection and the communion of his sufferings may conform until his death.” (Phil 3:10) If our hearts and minds are centered on Christ, then our relationship with Him will affect all areas of our lives, including work, home, relationships, devotional time, priorities, etc. Despite the concept of covenant that can be seen throughout the Bible, we do not often use the word covenant in conversations. Most of us have little understanding of the word. When we think of marriage, we usually do so in the form of a contract rather than a covenant. In reality, the two words are very different. Because of how I felt inside, I decided to embark on a journey into the subject of marriage. In my own thoughts and feelings. When God unites two people in marriage, they are able to do more together than they could do alone. With the help of the Holy Spirit, a Christian husband and wife mix their lives. This allows them to strengthen and help each other in a way that glorifies God.

(Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) Spiritual marriage is ubiquitous, whether a couple is married or not in the physical realm. This soul connection can cause confusion and pain in human terms, because sometimes the spiritual husband and wife cannot be together. If we keep our soul contracts and move forward in life this way, if a marriage or relationship is not permanent, it does not mean that it is a failure. The love story of a couple symbolizes the relationship between Christ and the Church. That is why He is glorified when couples express their love for each other. Couples should see their physical union as an act of spiritual worship and obedience to God. (Ephesians 5:31-32) “All souls have some kind of contract. The one who concerns a love partner is the most powerful and brings with him the greatest potential for spiritual growth. All problems and situations between partners must be treated with the gloves of love. Complementary spiritual roles (leadership and submission) were designed by God to exist together and strengthen each other. They can only be adequately experienced if they exist together.

For example, submission implies the existence of a leader who does not contradict Christ`s leadership or seeks to override him. Husband and wife must strive to live their spiritual role in marriage so that spiritual union can develop. Couples with this mentality, in which one of the spouses relies on the happiness of the other spouse, can struggle deeply in the early years of their marriage. How then does the contract of the soul relate to marriage? A spiritual marriage is about putting the woman back at her husband`s side. Because God took a rib from Adam to create Eve, piercing the Christ side ALSO has the power to unite a man and a woman in one spirit, as God had originally intended. If we keep our soul contracts and go through life like this, if a marriage or relationship is not permanent, it does not mean that it is a failure. I`m not a lawyer, but I think most countries have legal procedures where people can change their name if they want to. In some countries, this may be easier than in others. If one of the spouses were to legally change the surname to match the name of the other spouse, this would obviously not have the effect of recognizing marriage as a legal marriage. Physical marriage is also worth every moment.

It is sacred to connect him deeply with another person. I am a mother of 3 children, currently in an “unmarried” couple with my spouse for more than 25 years. For the first 10 years of our relationship, I really wanted a wedding. I wanted our relationship to be legal. Over time, I gave up on that idea. He considers me his wife, and I consider him my husband. Physical marriage can be beautiful. It is also a challenge that requires daily vigilance and attention. As soon as you are distracted and forget to adapt to the other person, it can easily slip into complacency or discord.

Or perhaps, before anyone came to this earth, he had a certain lesson that his soul had to learn, which could only be achieved through marriage and divorce. A pact, like a contract, is an agreement between two or more people, but the nature of the agreement is different. The biblical model reveals five characteristics of covenants. Marriage, as defined in Scripture, is God`s plan and idea. Even before sin came into the world, God recognized and designed marriage to meet the needs of men and women. (Gen 2:18-25) Marriage is much more than a contract; it is a two-sided promise called an alliance. It is not just a covenant with our spouse, it is a covenant with God to fulfill our role as spouses. Marriage was established by God to be an earthly representation of the intimate relationship between the Trinity and God`s unconditional devotion to His redeemed people. Recognizing the importance of the conjugal covenant is an important part of building spiritual union.

In a marriage, unwavering love refuses to focus on the negative aspects of the spouse. Unwavering love is a choice. Most married couples are not aware of their creatively ordained spiritual inheritance. I have discovered that many men are not aware of their primary spiritual role in a marriage. This lack of understanding awakens a burning desire for the fulfillment of love that unites man and woman with one heart in the unity of the Spirit. If you are in a relationship where there has been no prior agreement and another person enters your life who is a true soul mate, separation and divorce are likely. As a testimony, the man expressed great joy and gratitude after a ceremony for a couple in California: “In all these years, I have never known my God-given role in my relationship with my wife, which is the spiritual role. Well, he announced, I will! Let`s face it: we are all sinners. So yes, the wedding will have difficult times and seasons. When this happens, we have a choice: look after our own interests or turn to one another with Christ`s help, remembering that “love embraces a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8; ESV). With this in mind, it is clear that a prenup based on a mentality of you and mine does not lead to a happy and healthy marriage. Both of these answers are essential in a federal marriage.

Confrontation means blaming the other person for their actions. Forgiveness means the willingness to lift the punishment and pursue a loving and growing relationship. Ignoring your spouse`s mistakes is not the path to marriage growth. It`s much more important to make sure that you`re both ready to fully commit to each other and trust each other. In most situations, a man and a woman who are devoted to God and to each other do not need a marriage agreement. Spiritual marriage is a contract created together before the two souls decide to meet in human form at the same time and place. When I began to dive deep into the contracts of the soul, my whole vision and perception of marriage changed. Sometimes people ask themselves, “What does your spiritual life look like?” This question means different things to different people.

For example, some people think of their spiritual life as the time they spend doing their daily Bible reading and prayers. However, your devoted time does not constitute your entire spiritual life. God wants us to live for Him in all areas of our lives. While quiet time with Him is essential and should not be minimized, it is no less important to be prayerful and connected to God when you are at work or at home. In this life, I have experienced both physical and spiritual marriage. Ask your fiancé to help you understand where he comes from. And share that a prenup will make you feel like the wedding would start on trembling feet. If he can`t trust you with his money, how will he entrust his life to you or maybe one day to his children? At this point, only your fiancé knows what he`s thinking. They may have legitimate reasons for wanting a prenuptial agreement, or they may face issues from their past that prevent them from fully trusting you and engaging in the relationship.

If this is the case, a legal document will not solve the problem. .

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